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Enjoy all the fun of dressing a growing bump with our monthly box of maternity-friendly clothing.

Plans starting at $79 per month.

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GlamCorner Maternity Membership Experience

If you’ve landed on this page we imagine that congratulations are in order! We’re so excited for you! Pregnancy is an incredible and challenging time, and we’re hoping to make it a little easier on you and your wallet. The next few months will see your body changing more than it likely ever has, and your favourite jeans might not be an option anymore. But trackies aren’t the only answer, and nor is spending your baby savings on a whole new wardrobe.

A GlamCorner membership gives you access to a rotating wardrobe of maternity clothes each month, tailored to you and your bump size. Whether you’re planning a casual night in, attending a wedding, or even if you need something for your baby shower, we have hundreds of options for you to choose from.

By choosing to rent rather than buy your maternity clothes, you are also saving waste and helping to reduce your fashion footprint. You can look great and feel great about caring for our world, and making it a better place for your baby.

Maternity Collection

Get access to a monthly box of maternity clothing tailored for your work, your everyday life and anything in between.

Why choose GlamCorner Maternity Membership?



Who said maternity clothing had to be boring? Rent trendy pieces, swap & repeat.


The best part of renting your maternity wardrobe is that you can try different styles and send them back when you are done. No strings attached.


Enjoy the freedom of wearing gorgeous styles that fit your growing bump without the need to invest in a brand new wardrobe.


Arrange a complimentary styling session to help select your best box yet.


Our customers report a significant reduction in the build up of unused clothing in their wardrobes.


By renting, you are supporting Circular Fashion to reduce the environmental impact of unused clothing.

Our Customers


Rent Maternity Dresses, Natalie

"Loving this dress from Country Road that I’ve rented as part of my GlamCorner Premium membership. I get to choose three designer outfits per month, then return them and hire three more."  Natalie, Sunshine Coast

Rent Maternity Dresses, Beth

"I rented this Soon Maternity dress to wear to my baby shower. It was super comfortable at 25 weeks pregnant and true to size based on other dresses that I've hired from this brand."  Beth, Sydney

Rent Maternity Dresses, Margarita

"This is hands down my favourite maternity dress I’ve worn so far. I love the idea of renting because I don’t have to invest in a size I’m not going to wear past maternity."  Margarita, Sydney

Rent Maternity Dresses, Felicity

"I hired this for a work event at 32 weeks pregnant & it was perfect. Very comfy over the bump - highly recommend! Great way to access gorgeous clothes without spending a fortune."  Felicity, Sydney