At GlamCorner we aim to build ethical and sustainable practices into every aspect of our business and we recognise the importance of managing our supply chain. This Supplier Code of Conduct aims to define standards for fair, safe and healthy working conditions and environmental responsibility throughout our supply chain.

GlamCorner seeks to work with suppliers who are committed to continuous improvement and who are moving forward on their sustainability journey from basic to leadership practices. The intent of this Supplier Code of Conduct is to share our principles and clearly communicate GlamCorner’s expectations of our suppliers.

GlamCorner expect our suppliers to review this Code of Conduct and encourage them to ensure that their organisations and their extended supply chains comply with these principles, including: sub-suppliers, sub-contractors as well as permanent, temporary and agency workers whether they are salaried, hourly paid, legal young workers, part-time, night and migrant workers.

Our Commitment and Principles

GlamCorner and its employees are committed to the following ethical standards and business practices:

We expect our suppliers, and their respective supply chains, to share our values and adhere to these same principles which form part of our Supplier Code of Conduct.

Laws and Regulations

Suppliers are required to operate fully with relevant and all applicable laws and regulations of the countries in which they operate, including those at the federal, state/provincial and local community levels. GlamCorner only seeks to partner with suppliers whom we consider reputable and whose business and labour practices conform to the requirements of applicable laws.

Human Rights

We expect that all suppliers to GlamCorner will be aware that human rights are universal and fundamental rights that preserve the inherent freedom, dignity and equality of all human beings.  We expect all suppliers to:

  1. Comply with international human rights laws and norms set out in the International Bill of Human Rights and the International Labour Organisation Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.
  2. Manage their operations and their own supply chain guided by the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.
  3. Ensure compliance with relevant laws affecting forced or involuntary labour, child labour, discrimination and security practices.
  4. Ensure that company products, services or facilities are not used for human trafficking and/or labour or sexual exploitation.
  5. Not use forced, bonded or involuntary labour so that, for example, workers are free to leave after their shift ends, or to resign from their employment after giving reasonable notice.
  6. Allow freedom of association and collective bargaining for workers to join or form trade unions of their own choosing and to bargain collectively.

Labour Practices

We expect suppliers to:

  1. Provide fair pay and working conditions for employees, including meeting minimum wage requirements and compensation.
  2. Provide fair working hours, leave, adequate rest periods and legally mandated benefits relevant to the country in which they operate.
  3. Make provision for parental and carers leave as required by law.

Work Health and Safety (WHS)

At GlamCorner we are committed to ensuring the health and safety of our employees, customers, contractors or visitors.  We require GlamCorner suppliers to:

  1. Comply with all legal responsibilities under applicable legislation of the country in which they operate;
  2. Provide workers with a safe and clean working environment meeting the legal requirements of the country in which they operate, with appropriate training to perform their jobs safely; and
  3. Take a proactive approach to health and safety by implementing policies, systems and training designed to prevent accidents, injuries and protect workers health.


GlamCorner is proud to contribute to the communities in which we live and work. We aim to create partnerships with some of Australia’s leading community organisations who support important social and environmental issues. At GlamCorner we encourage Suppliers and their employees to get involved in local, social and environmental community charities by volunteering their time or providing other types of support.

Diversity, Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and Anti-Discrimination

At GlamCorner we respect all people, leveraging diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives.  We expect our Suppliers to:

  1. Have EEO, anti-discrimination and anti-harassment policies in place which meet or exceed requirements of any relevant laws where their product is made or service delivered.
  2. Ensure hiring practices are based on an individual’s ability to do the job and are not based on personal characteristics including, but not limited to gender, ethnic origin, age, religious beliefs or practices, family responsibilities, parental status, marital status, pregnancy, disability, sexual orientation, identity and physical appearance.
  3. Be committed to establishing a culture of respect and inclusion through valuing and respecting all forms of diversity including within their own supply chain.

Supplier Diversity

GlamCorner is committed to developing a supplier list which reflects our diverse customer base and offers a wide range of perspectives and capabilities. The suppliers we seek to engage, include: indigenous-owned businesses, women-owned or led businesses, disability enterprises and social enterprises.

Child Labour

Suppliers must not employ workers younger than the greater of 15 years of age; or 14 where the local law allows such exception consistent with International Labour Organisation Guidelines; or the age for completing compulsory education or the minimum age established by law in the country of manufacture.  Juvenile workers (ages 15-17) shall not perform work which, by its nature or the circumstances in which it is carried out, is likely to comprise their health, safety or morals.

Forced/Slave Labour or Human Trafficking

Suppliers must not use involuntary or forced/slave labour.  GlamCorner will not allow forced or involuntary labour whether in the form of prison labour, indentured labour, slave or bonded labour.  Overtime hours must be voluntary. Migrant workers should be provided with contracts, treatment and wages that equal those of local workers.

Harassment or Abuse

Suppliers must treat all workers with respect and dignity.  No workers shall be subject to corporal punishment, physical, sexual, psychological or verbal harassment or abuse.  In addition, Suppliers will not use monetary fines as a disciplinary practice.

Non Discrimination

Suppliers must ensure that no person shall be subject to any discrimination in any aspect of their employment relationship, including: recruitment, hiring, training, working conditions, job assignments, pay, benefits, promotions, discipline, termination, or retirement, on the basis of: (but not limited to) gender, race, ethnicity, social origin, religion, age, national origin, political opinion, family responsibilities, parental status, marital status, pregnancy, disability, sexual orientation, identity and physical appearance.  Discrimination in employment is strictly prohibited.

Freedom of Association

Suppliers must recognise and respect the right of employees to exercise lawful rights of free association, including joining or not joining any association.  All Suppliers must develop and implement effective, respectful and transparent communications between employees to resolve any internal employee grievance and disputes.

Wages and Benefits

We expect our suppliers to compensate their workers and pay wages which equal or exceed the minimum wage required by local law and providing legally mandated benefits. Every worker has a right to compensation for a regular work week that is sufficient to meet the worker’s and their family’s basic needs and provide some discretionary income.

In addition, Suppliers must compensate employees for overtime hours at such a premium rate as is legally required in the country of manufacture. In those countries where such laws do not exist, the overtime hours must be compensated at a rate exceeding the regular hourly compensation rate by at least 125%.

Hours of Work

Suppliers must ensure that their workers are not required to work more than the limits on regular and overtime hours allowed by the laws and regulations in the country in which they manufacture. In extraordinary business circumstances, workers shall not be required to work more than 60 hours per week (including overtime). Except in extraordinary business circumstances, all workers shall be entitled to at least one day off in every seven day period. All overtime work shall be consensual and employers shall not request overtime hours on a regular basis.

Health and Safety

Suppliers must provide their workers with a clean, safe and healthy work environment, designed to prevent accidents and injury to health arising out of or occurring during the course of work. Suppliers are required to comply with all applicable, legally mandated standards for workplace health and safety in the countries in which they operate.

Women's Rights

Suppliers will ensure women workers receive equal treatment in all aspects of employment. Pregnancy tests will not be a condition of employment, and pregnancy testing, to the extent provided, will be voluntary and the option of the worker. In addition, workers will not be forced to use contraception.


GlamCorner is proactive in measuring and reducing our environmental footprint, with the aim of procuring products and services that have the least possible negative environmental impact. We expect that our Suppliers will:

  1. Meet all relevant local and national environmental protection laws, regulations and standards as well as strive to comply with international environmental protection standards.
  2. Actively manage the environmental impact of their operations, and take responsibility for minimising the negative impact of their products and services throughout their lifecycle.

Animal Welfare

Suppliers must respect animal welfare and work progressively towards adopting healthy and humane practices towards animals based on best available practices, technology and standards.


GlamCorner and our Suppliers are jointly responsible for ensuring social and environmental responsibility and the integrity of our product content claims.  Transparency and traceability are key to achieving this at all levels of our supply chain. GlamCorner requires suppliers to understand and monitor their impact at all levels of their supply chain.  When requested, Suppliers are expected to be transparent with information requested relating to the products and services they provide to GlamCorner.

Intellectual Property, Fair Competition and Trade Controls

Suppliers shall respect intellectual property rights of GlamCorner and other third parties. Any transfer of technology and knowhow must be handled in a manner that protects intellectual property rights. Suppliers must conduct their business in full compliance with anti-trust and fair competition laws, and disclose information regarding business activities, structure, financial situation and performance in accordance with applicable laws.

Suppliers must comply with all applicable laws and regulations relating to sanctions, export, re-export, import and trade controls (including, laws and regimes enacted by Australia, the UN, the US and the EU).


GlamCorner’s Privacy Policy outlines our privacy commitment and explains how we collect, use, disclose and protect our customers’ personal information.  Privacy is a non-negotiable part of how we work.

Suppliers must apply adequate data privacy and security protection to protect the personal information of our customers and employees from authorised access, use and disclosure. Suppliers who collect, use, store or have access to our customers’ personal information must have adequate processes and procedures in place to monitor compliance with applicable privacy laws and contractual obligations to GlamCorner.

Social Media

In using social media, whether in an official or personal capacity, suppliers must adhere to the following principles and must not:

  1. Disclose or refer to any information through social media that relates to GlamCorner, its stakeholders, employees or that is confidential, proprietary or privileged;
  2. Speak disparage or adversely about GlamCorner, or its stakeholders, employees or customers.
  3. Bully, harass or make discriminatory remarks about GlamCorner’s stakeholders, employees or customers
  4. Speak on behalf of GlamCorner or imply that they are speaking on behalf of GlamCorner without obtaining the necessary authorisation from GlamCorner.

Suppliers must exercise caution when using social media, keeping in mind that once content is uploaded onto a social media site it becomes public information freely available to everyone and potentially permanent.


GlamCorner Suppliers must not use sub-contractors for any products or services provided to GlamCorner without our written approval and only after the sub-contractor has agreed to comply with this Supplier Code of Conduct.

Code Communication

GlamCorner have a responsibility to shareholders to ensure its entire supply chain adheres to the principles outlined in this Supplier Code of Conduct.  We are committed to also helping our Suppliers comply with the Code and in turn, expect our Suppliers to require their own suppliers to comply with the Code.  We encourage our suppliers to:

  1. Communicate this Code of Conduct to their own organisation as well as their supply chain, so that all are aware of, and comply with this Code.
  2. Proactively work with their own suppliers to ensure the principles within this Code are met.
  3. Demonstrate a willingness and commitment to comply with this Code of Conduct.

Monitoring and Compliance

GlamCorner reserve the right to carry out regular assessments of the practices of our suppliers to ensure alignment with this Code of Conduct.  This may include self-assessment by Suppliers, or a request for additional information, or site visits. GlamCorner also reserve the right to audit our suppliers.  We expect Suppliers to:

  1. Respond in full and be open and honest in response to any requests for information; and
  2. Complete an agreed corrective action plan until a satisfactory level of improvement is reached should any breaches or shortcomings regarding the Code be identified.

Amendments and Reaffirming the Code of Conduct

GlamCorner from time-to-time may revise or amend this Code of Conduct. In turn, Suppliers may be asked to read and confirm their understanding of this Code of Conduct.

Contact Us

We are interested in your feedback on our Supplier Code of Conduct and welcome you to contact us: If suppliers are violating any of these Code principles, we would like to know about it. Please bring these issues to our attention by emailing us at